Hope Recovery Homes, Inc. exists solely for the purpose of helping those suffering from alcoholism and drug addictions to find a solution to their problem. Following the tradition of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Program we believe that God is the solution.

We are very proud of our Success rate at Hope Recovery Homes; It lets us know that each of the people we have offered assistance to has worked harder than ever before in their lives and that we are on the right path. And it lets you know that we are doing our job effectively. We are very proud of our success rates, which are much higher than those of similar programs.

We maintain a comprehensive program and require strict adherence to the rules. As part of the admission process, applicants are required to fill out our App-Contract and  the Program-Overview in a written contract agreeing to follow Rules of the program. Both of which may be downloaded, printed, signed and faxed to 252-622-4839 along with a copy of your clinical diagnosis.

Applicants for admission to the program at our recovery homes typically have a referral from an inpatient treatment facility or detox center or jail. Upon admission, participants must pass a drug and alcohol test. State funding available for those who qualify.