I am much better prepared

I entered the Hope Recovery Program a very broken tired 66 year old alcoholic woman – I had been in multiple Treatment facilities and detoxes over my forty plus years of drinking-I also had 25 plus years of AA experience on and off over the years. My drinking escalated the two years previous to my arriving here. I retired from a forty six year nursing career in 2011 and the unstructured time coupled with some life problems escalated my ever progressing alcoholism.

I chose Hope Recovery Homes primarily because it is a faith based program and I knew that I needed a personal relationship with God to heal me from this devastating disease. Over the four months that I have been here I have learned much about the Bible, Myself and God. I feel as though I am much better prepared to face my disease and to continue on with my relationship with God. God is the answer for this alcoholic of of this I am quite sure! This program integrated all the much needed recovery pieces. The AA steps, the Bible, Church, and fellowship. And the needed combination to make Recovery possible!