My prayers began to be answered.

Hello my name is Price I have been at Hope Recovery Homes for around forty-five days. When I first arrived I was very scared, hopeless, lonely, anxious the list goes on and on. I had lost my job, my vehicle, my family and life seemed very hopeless. However, slowly but surely I turned my life over to the will of God. And in doing so my prayers began to be answered.

My wife told me that if I completed the program she would allow me to come home and she brings the children to see me. My sense of anxiety and hopelessness has slipped away. I was able to see a very good doctor who has me on some non-narcotic medication which seems to be helping. So I can only speak for myself but with my renewed faith and the program of recovery faith and the program of recovery at Hope Recovery Homes, my life looks like it will become manageable to me.